Discover the secret to being a great dad

Discover the secret to being a great dad with a bit of help

Rather than pick up the boring 'World's Best Dad' mug or the usual bottle of after shave this Father's Day, take a look at some of these rather amusing dad manuals!

100-ideas-for-dads-180 Baby-tips-for-dads-180 Call-me-dad-180 

100 ideas for Dads...

who love their kids...but find them exhausting. Keeping kids occupied while dad rests.


Baby Tips for Dads

Best for helping dad to keep smiling through the tears and tantrums.

Toxis Fox

Call Me Dad!

A manual designed to help new fathers - from pre-birth to 12 months.


 Commando-Dad-180  Darth-Vadar-dad-180  Dad-rules-180

Commando Dad

This manual is designed with a militarty style approach to parenting for dads.


Darth Vader and Son

In the eyes of Darth Vadar how he approaches the challenges of being a dad.

Guardian Bookshop

Dad Rules

The idea is to create a simple manual for the complex job of fatherhood.


 Help-Im-a-dad-180  The-dad-manual-180  Youre-the-daddy-180

Help! I'm a Dad

Manual created to offer all a dad needs to know about the difficult first few months of fatherhood.


The Dad Manual

Manual desigbed to best teach a man how to become a brilliant father.


You're the Daddy

This guide helps men who are facing the role of parenthood for the first time.



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