Do kids get enough physical activity?

Do kids get enough physical activity?

It's often a worry that our kids spend too much time playing indoors, normally on computer games, and don't get outside and active enough. If we're honest, how often do we get out as a family enjoying the outdoors? In most cases, it's probably not often.


The World Cancer Research Fund has launched the Move More Challenge to encourage families to take part in more physical activities and games.

It is an email campaign for families to sign up are receive regular emails providing tailor-made suggestions for family activities. The suggestions range from a kickabout in the park to building a homemade obstacle course.

The research – part of the Personal and Environmental Associations with Children's Health (PEACH) project and published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity – studied a sample of 427 children aged ten to 11 from the Bristol area. For both boys and girls being outdoors showed a stronger link with physical activity than being indoors, no real surprise there.

Amanda McLean, General Manager at World Cancer Research Fund, said: "In England, only about one in five children are reaching the recommended levels of physical activity, with adults faring better but still with room for significant improvement. This picture is broadly the same around the UK.

"A recent parliamentary commission emphasised the importance of being active at all ages and the Move More Challenge aims to help parents and children become healthier through a wide range of family-centred activities that encompass people's varied living circumstances."

Do you get outside as a family much? What activities do you do? Do you think we should all make more time to get outside as a family? Tell us what you think via Facebook or Twitter.


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