We answer the most searched baby questions of 2015

We answer the most searched baby questions of 2015

According to Google, these are the questions you wanted answered this year


Because, let's face it, while friends and family are well-meaning, sometimes only a consultation with Auntie Google will do. But there's a chance we've answered the questions so you don't have to consult the contradictory (and sometimes downright scary) seach results. You can thank us later.


1. How to have a baby?

What haven't we written on conception? From fertility-boosting nutrition to IVF, and even just the science behind how it all works, check out our conception guide for all you need to know. We've even covered trying at the in-laws and the best baby-making positions - ooh-er!


2. When do babies crawl?

Many babies learn to crawl around the nine month mark, and while this is an important milestone, some babies just skip straight to walking, and some will take longer than others to get to this point. Crawling time coming close? You might want to read up on how to baby-proof the house...


3. When do babies start teething?

Every baby is different - some babies are born with visible teeth while others may not cut their first tooth until after their first birthday. On average, the first tooth will arrive around their seventh month. When they do start teething, check out our handy tips on how to ease their pain and how to keep them sparkly clean.


4. What will my baby look like?

Obviously we can't tell you whether they're going to look like you or your partner, but it's good to know what is normal in a newborn's appearance. From blotchy faces to crossed eyes, we've compiled a list of all the totally normal things to expect when your newborn finally arrives.


5. When do babies start talking?

Concerned your little tot is a little quiet for their age? First, calm down and read our guide to milestones. Then, check out our top tips to get your tot talking.


6. When do babies sit up/smile/roll over?

Your baby may start smiling somewhere around their sixth to tenth week, or perhaps even later. They generally start experimenting with rolling over at around two to three months, so ensure they're not left alone to roll off the changing table. Around their fourth month, if your baby has reasonable head and neck control without slumping forward, you can prop them up into a seated position using cushions for support.

If there's one thing to take away from these questions, it's that we as mums are always concerned about our children's health and development - but every child is different and will hit these milestones at different times. So relax, take a deep breath, and see your doctor if you are really concerned.


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