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September 18th, 2012. All the latest news, views, and reviews

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Parents urged to take control of eczema

With one in five children in the UK suffering from eczema, E45 has teamed up with the National Eczema Society (NES) to launch a new 3 step treatment plan so parents have better support to manage their child's eczema. Almost half of mums only apply emollient creams and ointments to the affected areas of their child’s skin, when the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends that to get the best results from emollients treatments they should be applied to the whole body, even when their child’s skin appears clear of eczema. To overcome the common mistakes parents make when using emollients and to help them get the full benefits from these treatments the E45 3 step treatment plan has been developed in line with (NICE) and NES guidance;

Step 1:
Apply emollient creams and ointments all over your child’s body 2-3 times a day
Step 2:
Use gentle strokes in the direction of the hair growth when applying emollients
Step 3:
Use soap substitutes and an emollient bath oil to cleanse your child’s skin

To help parents get the most from the 3 step treatment plan, E45 has also launched a free support programme The new online resource is designed to educate parents on how to use emollient treatments correctly. It offers advice for parents as soon as their child is diagnosed with eczema, or, gives those struggling to manage their child’s condition the help they need to improve treatment outcomes.





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Meningitis: Keep Watching

A new campaign called 'Meningitis: Keep Watching'  just launched to warn parents that meningitis is still here. The campaign features an awareness film that uses digital media to help parents spread the word that children are not protected against all types of meningitis. The reason the campaign awareness started was because parents were mistaken in thinking their children were protected against all types of the disease if they had received a vaccine. The film hopes to make parents aware of the symptoms of meningitis, with a short film, quiz, and supplementary information.

The campaign is being led by the three UK meningitis charities; Meningitis Research Foundation, Meningitis Trust and Meningitis UK. The scale of this collaboration is unprecedented and by joining forces they hope their united efforts will have a major impact on meningitis awareness in the UK. In a joint statement they said “Knowledge can save lives when it comes to meningitis. We urge parents to take a few minutes to view the Keep Watching film and to think about what they can do to spread the word and protect their children. By sharing this film with friends and family we can help save others from this devastating disease.”





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Jack and Nancy by Quentin Blake

Jack and Nancy are blown away on an umbrella to an exotic Island when the wind picks up. They meet a strange parrot, but then realise there are no boats to take them home. How will they get back? 

First published in 1969, this much loved classic from Quentin Blake then went out of print-until now. The Random House Group are re-publishing it to pre-order from the 27th September, 2012.

Jack and Nancy by Quentin Blake





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Battersea Children's Zoo

Perfect for toddlers, Battersea Children's Zoo is almost hidden away below the hustle and bustle of Chelsea. Located at the northern entrance of battersea Park, Animals include naughty monkey’s, miniature Shetland ponies, lemurs, giant rabbits, birds, a pygmy goat and mice amongst many others. Crawl through a secret tunnel to be find yourself in the middle of the meerkat enclosure. As well as the more exotic animals there are farm animals too. It's a relatively small zoo, but with an adventure playground, giant sandpit for all ages, a disused fire engine to climb in, and the Lemon Tree cafe for refreshments, it's a brilliant day out.





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New Disney Baby Store

Near to Disneyland itself, LA has a new Disney Baby store and online Disney baby boutique. We don't think it will be very long before one opens here in the UK, so we'll keep you updated.






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New Ella's Kitchen chilled out yoghuts

100% whole milk yoghurt, real fruit puree blend and honey. Double the deliciousness with two yummy flavours in each pack: pineapple and mango, and strawberry and pear.





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