Jenni Falconer potty training blog No 5

Jenni Falconer potty training blog No 5

TV presenter and mum Jenni Falconer, has teamed up with Dry Like Me, to pen an exclusive Potty Training Blog. Jenni, her husband James and their two year old daughter Ella are taking the plunge and are embarking on a very public potty training.

jenni falconer

Week 5

We have completely nailed number ones, however, numbers two seem to be a bit more difficult. Ella is able to say she is ready to go but then it happens so fast we don't get to the toilet in time, I am sure that she will learn to understand what her body is doing before too long.

Dry mornings

Ella is now waking up in the morning with a dry night time nappy. One night she woke up and came to find me to tell me she needed a wee – what progress! I didn't want to wake her properly, so I took her to the toilet and she just sat there whilst she was peeing and cuddled me – it was so sweet. I think she might get up in the night and go by herself soon.

Daddy and naps

James was looking after Ella quite a lot this week and she did soil her pants a few times and he has come up with very funny way of dealing with the pants. He holds them in the toilet and flushes it so it washes everything away – the lengths someone will go to to avoid washing something – although it is a genius idea.

She has started to nap a bit more and I think I am going to start using a Dry Like Me night time pad as a nap doesn't warrant a night time nappy but that would offer her some protection just in case –the dilemmas of potty training!


Ella needing a wee came in very handy the other day during a playdate. The kids were in the garden playing on the slide everyone was freezing but they wouldn't come inside no matter what we said. It was only when Ella told James that she needed the loo, that we managed to get everyone inside.


Since we started potty training our friends have been really encouraged by the progress Ella has made, and a few have started with their children. A lot of people say that you should only potty train children in the summer but I think it really depends on whether your child is ready, if you think they are just go for it.


In the 'How to Potty Train' book, there is a lovely 'officially being a star potty trainer' certificate to give your children and I decided that it was time to give this to Ella, she loved it and was really pleased, it was lovely.

The three of us are off to Disneyland Paris this week so I am just hoping it is all is going to be ok, check in next week to see how we got on. The trip will really show us whether or not we have fully cracked potty training. I have to admit I look forward to the day I can leave the house without a load of spare clothes.

I will keep you up to date with next week's tales.



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