Top 10 podcasts for parents and tots

Top 10 podcasts for parents and tots

On long journeys, one great way to pass the time is to listen to podcasts. Podcasting app Acast's director of content Adam Martin has compiled a list of the best podcasts for both parents and children. Entertaining and informative, these series will keep the youngsters occupied and keep you calm when the stress starts to kick in!

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1. Story Pirates

Stories written by kids turned into radio plays by actors and comedians - as gnarly and uproariously funny as it sounds. A boon for any parent hothousing their children for the next mega selling kid's book film franchise. Funny, insightful and kind of sweet.

2. Scummy Mummies

Hypnobirthing, postpartum psychosis, Hooray for Fannywood? Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson discuss it all in Scummy Mummies - making sense of the scrum that is elegantly chaotic parenting. Plenty for Dads, Granddads and comedy lovers too.

3. Headspace

Essential listening for any parent and child. Andy Puddicombe talks you through a journey of mindfulness and meditative relaxation. I know from experience it can help your child sleep and help everyone start or finish the day with a sense of serene well-being.

4. Invisibilia

A show about the invisible forces that shape our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Brain food for the famished parent, plus the occasional salutary life lesson to make you think, 'I'd better teach the kids that!'

5. The Longest Shortest Time

It's the 3am bedside companion for parents - covering everything from the birds and bees to the struggles of identifying as a masculine woman in a world where pregnancy and femininity are seen to go hand-in-hand. Makes you see the day-to-day, night-to-night of parenting in all its sleep deprived glory.

6. Hot Milk

Parenting is no easy feat and the people behind Hot Milk will attest to this. Marketing itself as The Guilty Parent podcast, Dominnique Karetsos brings introduces you to a variety of guests and experts who are also masters of imperfect parenting and know all too well that feeling of ever looming guilt.

7. My Baby Monsters

You really can't beat the inner workings of a child's imagination, that's why My Baby Monsters offers you stories from a child that allows you to add your own ending. The collaborative series, created by a father and his six-year old daughter encourages parents, children and educators to get creative and enhance their communication skills.

8. Milk Faced

For the parents amongst you who have no idea what you're doing, fear not - apparently everyone is winging it. Milk Faced, the parenting podcast for idiots, promises to guide you through the jungle that is child-rearing and then hold your hand as you fall asleep.

9. Mom and Dad fighting

Brought to you by Slate magazine, editors Allison Benedikt and Dan Kois talk you through the latest in parenting news, not without debate though! Funny and insightful, listen to them battle it out about everything from the best mothers in pop culture to pre-pregnancy contracts.

10. Stuff you missed in History Class

Stuff You Missed in History Class does exactly what it says on this tin. History is a fascinating subject but not one that we may have given our utmost attention to in school. This series explores all the weird and wonderful tales that may not have been on the syllabus. A great listen for all the family.

Acast is free to download in Apple App Store and Google Play.


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