Train your baby’s brain from birth

Train your baby's brain from birth 

From the moment your baby is born, his five senses are raring to go. It may seem as if all he does is cry, eat, sleep and poop. Don’t be fooled though, he can do more than you think 

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What he can do
He is starting to make sense of the world around him with the help of your touch, words and facial gestures. Your little bundle will need his 100 to 200 billion brain cells to be stimulated.

What to look out for
Your baby will be fascinated by your face and may appear to stare intently at you, especially during feeds. He may follow you with his eyes, even though he can’t turn his head just yet. Crying is probably the most fundamental way your baby communicates, and by responding quickly to his cries he will gain trust in you and the world around him. Love and nurture are the most important foundation of all. A happy, secure newborn will develop into a confident, inquisitive baby.

How to encourage him
He will love hearing you chat to him and will be soothed by your voice. Talking softly also reassures him; your voice is familiar from the womb. By making him feel the world is a safe place, you set the foundations for a confident baby who will later want to explore and learn. Look into his eyes and smile. He can focus best at a close distance of around 20cm. Gentle stroking boosts his wellbeing and makes for a secure and settled infant. You are his best ‘toy’ for now, but if you want to invest in an item with longevity, you can’t go wrong with a mobile to dangle over his cot. He will love watching the shapes gently moving.

Take it a step further 
Professor Fergus Lowe and his daughter Brigid, co-authors of the new book, Brain Training for Babies have these extra suggestions (look out for them at every stage): ‘If you have a chessboard, stick it somewhere in sight – babies love the chequered pattern. You might also try drawing big, simple faces on to white paper plates, using a thick, black marker.’

To find out about your newborn's development, see our Guide to Newborn

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Contrast mobile for newborns



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Sassy Ring O Links



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Brain Training for Babies






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