5 beauty basics to help you feel more like your old self

5 beauty basics to help you feel more like your old self

Emine Ali Rushton offers five top tips for mum beauty basics.


1. Book a hair cut

Book to get your hair cut with someone you trust, or get a recommendation from a friend whose hair you love. It needn't be dramatic, but getting an intuitive haircut, which works with your hair's natural texture and your new lifestyle, is essential. Don't be fooled into thinking Alexa's chop will bring you Alexa's style. It won't. In fact, asking for a celebrity haircut is often the surest route to disappointment – the best hair is backed up by the right attitude and, in this case, realising you want something uplifting, easy and flattering that is also 'you'.

2. Don't over do the make up

When you're tired, panda eyes are a given – even without eyeshadow. I've never been one to condone outmoded beauty 'rules' but I always found I looked best when I wore feather-light formulas and sheer, natural colours. A great tinted moisturiser (try Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown or No7) is ideal – putting 'dewy' back into skin that's often drier than usual, and also good to even out colour around the eyes and nose. A creamy blusher in a bright pink or apricot shade is my go-to – it puts youthful colour back into cheeks, without being powdery or glaring. Finish with a subtle slick of tinted lip balm – also a staple of mine. Burt's Bees and Maybelline make great brightly coloured balms.

3. Have a 'you' slot

If babysitting is an option (husband or mum will do!), pack an hour with pampering that will fi t around even the tightest breastfeeding schedule. Many salons now offer 'groom' hours – with brow, nail and skin services rolled into one. Try Groom in London or Benefit nationwide. It's also worth keeping an eye on Groupon too – they offer regular timesaving treatments at salons all over the UK.

4. Brighten eyes

If your eyes are bright and clear, you'll look far less tired – even without makeup. So invest in some brightening and whitening eye mist or drops and always use them in advance of any 'special' occasions – AKA a trip to the supermarket when you might bump into someone you know.

5. Time-saving skincare

Even finding an opportunity to wash your face will be a luxury in the early days, but products that do double duty, such as cleanser/toners, can save you time. A leave on moisturising face mask was a godsend for me on the days when there was no way I could contemplate a proper skincare routine – fine to sleep in, and removing the need to moisturise afterwards. I'd also wake up with soft skin that belied the rough night I'd had!


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