Your baby is 12 weeks old

Your baby is 12 weeks old!

week 12

Your baby's development

Your baby may still be small, but you’ve reached the three-month stage where things supposedly get easier. More active during the day and sleeping more at night means you can truly get on with the business of enjoying each other's company rather than being too exhausted to play ‘this little piggy’…

This week your baby is starting to play. You may notice she reaches towards certain toys she likes, especially if they are brightly coloured or black and white, as her eyes focus better on objects with high colour contrast. Activity boards with buttons, dials, mirrors, flaps and noises are great for your baby. 

At 12 weeks you might be thinking about moving your baby from a moses basket to a bigger cot. 

Find out how your baby will progress in the 13th week


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