Your baby is 51 weeks old

Your baby is 51 weeks old!

week 51

51 Weeks

Twelve month olds recognise roughly around 20-50 words, but comprehension comes before speech so it will be a while before she utters them. She may be able to say simple words like ‘milk’ or ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’, and will enjoy the sound her voice makes, often repeating the same sounds over and over again. Most of what she says will be strings of babbles, but it will sound increasingly like an adult conversation as the month goes on. Remember to talk as much as you can to your baby as this is the crucial time when she learns the names of everything in her world. Whilst having a bath, for instance, name everything you can see; the duck, the tap, her knees and toes and name the sound the water makes when you swish it around; all this helps with her comprehension and ability to form the right word.

Did you know your baby can drink cow’s milk as a main drink from their first birthday onwards?

Your baby this week

By the time your baby reaches twelve months she will not look or act like a baby any longer, in fact from this point onwards she is regarded as a toddler. Although separation anxiety may be lingering, your baby will also show signs of wanting a bit of independence. You probably have a struggle on your hands when it's time to change her nappy or if you ever want her to stay in one place. She can make decisions about what she wants, and asserts them in her own unique way (Clamping her mouth shut when she has had enough food, or wriggling out of a cuddle).

You this week

You may find your baby has outgrown her ‘baby toys’ such as rattles, or soft toys and is looking for more complicated toys. With her first birthday fast approaching it may be good to do some research into what toys she likes. When you take her to other baby’s houses try to notice which toys she makes a bee line for. Consider buying things like stacking cups (plastic ones can also go into the bath), simple puzzles or a ball she can roll back and forth. Musical toys like Xylophones, drums or bells will also become more fun for her now she can use a stick to bang. Most music stores have a wide range of children’s music so consider buying her a CD with all her favourite nursery rhymes on them so you can sing along at home. 

Find out how your baby will have developed at 52 weeks!


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