Your baby is 52 weeks old

Your baby is 52 weeks old!


Happy 1st birthday to your little one this week- can you believe it has really been a year!?

From now on your baby’s independence will shine through. He no longer sits still at story time or stays quiet while you try to dress him. Once he starts walking, being picked up or cooped up inside the house will frustrate him no end, so have some stand-by activities that use up a bit of toddler-energy if you are stuck inside. He can make decisions about what he wants, and asserts them in his own unique way (Usually clamping his mouth shut when he has had enough food, or wriggling out of a cuddle). Don’t despair, there will be quiet times when all your baby wants to do is rest from exploring or walking and will sit on your lap and nuzzle into your ear. Now is the time to look at your amazing baby, on the edge of toddler hood, perhaps walking, perhaps attempting a few words and growing bigger, stronger and more independent everyday. This is definitely a time to celebrate how far you’ve come…

Your baby this week

Some babies can have up to eight teeth at this age and some babies still haven’t cut their first tooth so don’t despair if your baby has shown no signs of teething yet. In fact it is a good thing because with teeth comes the ability to bite, so watch your fingers near your baby’s mouth and beware of your baby biting your nipples if you are still breastfeeding. If he does bite your nipples, try no to react with a loud ‘Ow’ as your baby will think this is a game and is likely to bite again. Remove him from the breast, wait a couple of minutes and try again. If you remove him from the breast when he bites, hopefully he will learn that biting equals no more milk and should stop!

You this week 

Most mums are eager for their babies to take their first steps and be properly regarded as toddlers, but try not to rush your child. If you are too eager, it may result in your child not wanting to walk because he feels pressured to do so. If he is cruising and attempting to stand alone, there is nothing to worry about and he will take his first steps very soon. If he does start to take a few steps they are bound to be unsteady at first and he’ll encounter a few bumps and falls on the way so make sure he practises on carpet or grass and keep trousers on him to protect his knees. By this stage he will have become more robust anyway and falls may result in a fit of giggles rather than tears. Some babies don't learn to walk till nearer 16-17 months old so don't despair if your baby is happy crawling around. 

Look ahead to our toddler section to learn all about your little ones physical development, tantrums and toddler tactics that work...


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