Eating & Exercise

Keep fit and make sure you get all the nutrients you need while pregnant with our expert advice on eating and exercise during pregnancy. We’ll give you advice on eating the right foods and staying safe when active for the next nine months, plus help you understand any weird pregnancy cravings you’re having.

how-to-get-all-nutrients-when-pregnantEating & Exercise

Get all nutrients when pregnant

Nutritionist Natalie Lamb shares her top tips for eating well during pregnancy and avoiding unhealthy cravings
keeping-fit-whilst-pregnant-and-post-childbirthEating & Exercise

Keeping fit during and after pregnancy

Fitness expert Laura Williams shows mums and mums-to-be how to keep fit during pregnancy and after birth
folic-acid-folic-acidEating & Exercise

The benefits of folic acid in pregnancy

Folic acid is an important vitamin that the Government recommends all women start taking while trying to conceive
what-are-the-pregnancy-eating-rulesEating & Exercise

What are pregnancy eating rules?

Be sure of what you can and can't eat while pregnant with our expert nutritionist Emma Wight-Boycott

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how-to-have-a-healthy-vegetarian-pregnancyEating & Exercise

How to have a healthy vegetarian pregnancy

How to be a veggie during pregnancy and still get all the nutrients you and your baby need
too-much-fish-during-pregnancy-linked-to-obesityEating & Exercise

Too much fish during pregnancy linked to obesity

Overdoing it on the fish during pregnancy isn’t recommended, and it could even increase a child’s obesity risk
the-importance-of-iron-during-and-post-pregnancyEating & Exercise

The importance of iron during and post-pregnancy

Expecting and worried about your iron levels, or feeling low this winter? We've got the answers