Making birth safer

Making birth safer

The government announced plans today to make birth safer for mums and their babies in England


Every mum wants a safe and complication-free birth for her and her child – and from today the government is taking steps to try to make England a safer place to have a baby.

The government has announced they aim to halve the number of stillbirths and and newborn and maternal deaths by 2030.

Neonatal brain injuries during or soon after birth are a point that the government, in partnership with experts, consultants and midwives, are particularly focussing on.

Maternity services across the country will be asked to set out their plans, for example appointing maternity safety champions and ensuring all staff have the correct training to keep women and their babies safe. Over £4 million is promised for investment in equipment and training.

We hear you will also be able to compare and see how your local maternity services are performing on MyNHS from next month.

It sounds like a plan to be applauded - but let’s not start clapping until local trusts see that cash.


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