How to: pack a hospital bag

How to: pack a hospital bag

Uh oh, missed the memo about packing your hospital bag? Fear not, here’s your crib notes

how to and what to pack in your pregnancy hospital bag


FIND A BAG Yeah! Time to go bag shopping. Just keep focused on the task in hand and don’t get distracted by cute little clutches more suited to
a night on the town than a stay in hospital. You’ll need to fit a lot in this bag so make sure it’s roomy and preferably has a good fewcompartments so it’s easy to find things. We’re thinking something mini-break sized.

LABOUR ESSENTIALS You’ll need your birth plan and maternity notes, plus birthing ball, TENS machine or anything else you hope will help things along. And having a baby can take a while so be prepared for a bit of await– arm yourself with snacks, lip balm, refreshing spray and even a book or tablet to keep you entertained.

POST-BIRTH SAVIOURS Pack suitable underwear – really we cannot stress this enough, this is not the time for a glitzy thong. And pads, all sorts of pads – there will be leaking. Also, for that first snap, don’t forget your camera and charger – plus a clean nightie and make-up (or at the very least some toiletries) to freshen yourself up.

DON’T FORGET BABY You went in as one person but don’t forget you’ll be coming out as two, so you need to think about your new arrival’s needs too. You don’t have to go mad – as long as you’ve got a few vests, sleepsuits and a big pack of nappies you’ve got the basics covered. You might want to pack a supersoft receiving blanket though, and maybe a cuddly toy for added ‘aah’ moments.

GOING HOME Ok, it won’t fit in your bag but most hospitals won’t let you leave without baby secured in a car seat, so that’s an essential. On top of that you may want a few nursing bras and a going home outfit – just remember that even though you are no longer pregnant you probably won’t be slipping into your skinny jeans just yet – not unless you’re Gwyneth Paltrow anyway. Good luck.


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