5 things to expect after giving birth in a hospital

5 things to expect after giving birth in a hospital

We show you how to prepare yourself to leave the hospital after delivery

what to expect after giving birth in a hospital

No matter how much preplanning you do before your due date, your dream birth may not pan out as you wish. Whether you have complications with your home birth that results in a trip to the hospital birth, or hospital was always your preferred choice, you'll need to be prepared for all situations. 

We know leaving the hospital can be a daunting prospect, so we've put together our top 5 things to expect after giving birth in a hospital so you're fully prepared to take your little one home. 

Saftey comes first 

newborn baby car seat cosatto in pom pom print

Photo credit: Cosatto

You won’t be allowed to leave without your newborn baby being safely snuggled in a car seat, so get one (yes, even if you’re going home by cab).

And just as importantly, get your partner to practise fitting it – there’s nothing dignified about wrestling with a car seat in the hospital car park with a howling newborn.

We recommend purchasing this super comfy, super safe car seat in cute pom-pom print from Cosatto, £154.95, ready for labour day!

You can't call the midwife

new baby notebook not on the high street

Photo credit: Not on the High Street

Until now you’ve been surrounded by a support network of doctors, nurses and midwives – but you’re about to lose it (although you will have a health visitor come and see you at home).

So make good use of all that expertise around you: note all your burning questions in a book, then you can pin down a health professional to answer them before you leave. Also, log your next appointment. 

Get organised with this pretty and practical new baby notebook from Not on the High Street, £4.

Remember to bring comfy clothing

nursing vests mothercare

Photo credit: Mothercare

Your midwife won't be on-hand to deliver you a going-home outfit, so you'll need to ask your partner to bring one. You’ll want something comfy and roomy as it takes a good six weeks for your uterus to shrink down – make sure he’s aware of this and doesn’t pack your pre-pregnancy jeans – and don’t forget a clean nursing bra.

We love Mothercare's extensive nursing bra range.

You'll need a baby kit

grey baby changing bag stokke

Photo credit: Stokke

Baby will need an outfit too – think weather-appropriate. Plus a whole load of other things such as nappies, wipes, muslins – yes, even on a short car ride. Get your partner to pack a changing bag (unless you were super-organised pre-birth and already did this).

This baby changing bag from Stokke, £99, is a must have!

Rest is best

baby girl welcome balloon baby blooms

Photo credit: Baby Blooms

As you can see, this list is largely made up of things for you to get your partner to do – hey, you’ve just done the hard bit, having a baby; now it’s time for your other half to step up.

While you're in recovery get them to take all the gifts, balloons (even if they're as pretty as this welcome baby balloon, £27, from Baby Blooms) and other things away the day before you go home.

When you leave, you want to focus on baby, not baggage.


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