Feel ready for your baby's arrival with Aptaclub's Preparing for Birth app

Feel ready for your baby’s arrival with Aptaclub’s Preparing for Birth app

There’s a lot to think about when preparing for your baby’s birth, and sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. If this is your first baby, you may find yourself wondering what to expect and whether you’ve remembered everything you need to prepare for this important occasion.

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Even experienced mums can feel overwhelmed by it all, especially when life gets busy with work and family demands. The Preparing for Birth app provides you with practical tools and advice, so you can feel confident and in control as you look forward to your baby’s arrival. Created with the help of Aptaclub’s midwives and pregnancy advisors, it supports your health and wellbeing from the start of your pregnancy through to post-birth. Recently updated with new and improved features, the app is clear, easy to use and free to download for your iPhone or Android.

Check out the following great features:

Practical advice from our experts

Aptaclub Gurgle Advertorial Checklist 1 FINALThis extensive Practical Advice section is packed with expert information from Aptaclub’s midwives, nutritionists and pregnancy advisors on how to prepare for your baby’s birth. It also gives advice on what to expect along the way, with plenty of useful pointers on things to consider as you get ready for this exciting time.

TAptaclub Gurgle App Screenshot 1 FINALhere’s also a new Post-Birth section, with plenty of practical, jargon-free tips on topics from breastfeeding to bonding with your baby. It’s the perfect way to keep any new-mum concerns at bay, namely whether your baby is getting enough milk, so you can relax and enjoy the first special days together.

Practical contraction timer

Simple and intuitive to use, the contraction timer lets you record the time your waters break and keep track of the duration and time between your contractions, all with the push of a button. It captures a visual history of your contractions – useful information you are able to hare with your midwife to measure the progress of your labour.

My organiser: ready-made checklists and a new events scheduler

The My organiser section features a selection of interactive checklists to help you stay organised during your third trimester. Each list offers pre-loaded suggestions for items to include, which can be added to or edited – and you can even create your own lists from scratch.Aptaclub Gurgle Advertorial Checklist 2 FINAL

This feature alsoAptaclub Gurgle App Screenshot 2 FINAL includes a brand new events scheduler to help you keep track of your antenatal appointments, classes, scans and other important dates – including some you might not think of, such as when to tell your employer about your pregnancy. The scheduler syncs with your phone calendar to deliver convenient reminders before each event – making this one less thing for you to worry about during this busy time.

Weekly tips that are easier to navigate

Get timely advice to keep you on track throughout your third trimester with weekly pregnancy tips. New navigational features make it quicker and easier for you to link directly from each tip to relevant articles, information and features in the app.

You can also connect directly to the Aptaclub careline via phone or live chat for 24-hour advice and support from their team of midwives, advisors, nutritionists and experienced mums. Call 0800 996 1000, or contact Aptaclub online.

Download your free Preparing for Birth mobile app today from the App Store or Google Play and discover how easy and enjoyable it can be to plan for your baby’s birth.

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