What is a 4D baby Ultrasound scan?

What is a 4D baby Ultrasound scan?

How is a 4D scan different to a regular pregnancy scan, and what are the reasons why I should have one? 

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During pregnancy in the UK, you are offered at least two ultrasound scans via the NHS in which the images appear flat, and in black and white. Even if it’s a black and white, sometimes blurry outline, parents wait in anticipation to see their baby, especially on the lead up to the all-important first scan.

More and more excited parents-to-be are now opting to pay for additional 'dimensional' scans, which are booked privately.

We chatted to the owners of Preview Baby, one such private clinic, to find out what all the fuss is about.

How is a 4D ultrasound scan different to a 3D scan, and why would you choose to have one?

3D scans show still pictures of your baby in three dimensions. 4D scans show moving 3D images of your baby, with time being the fourth dimension. You might choose to have one if you wanted to have a more detailed look at your baby and their features via images and video.

Do you think private dimensional scans are a fad trend, or is this the future of scan technology?

3D and 4D scans are here to stay, and are likely to continue to evolve with advances in technology.

Who carries out the 4D scans?

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All Preview Baby scans are performed by fully qualified and highly trained NHS Sonographers that have many years experience in obstetric ultrasound. If our sonographers identify any concerns with a pregnancy, with permission, we will engage our referral pathway to the associated hospital. 

Visit NHS online for more information about pregnancy scans, and always ask your midwife or helathcare provider should you have questions or concerns regarding scans, either those carried out by the NHS or those booked privately.

How much will I see of our baby?

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Throughout the scan highly trained sonographers will talk through everything, pointing out various features of the baby. Sometimes, the sonographer may require a client to change position in order to see a better view of the baby’s facial features. 

Ultrasounds with 3D/4D imaging have been around for years, but HD Live ultrasound technology uses a unique and moveable light source inside the probe that not only provides both 3D and 4D imaging, but 'lights up' the baby, making it possible for soon-to-be-parents to see the facial expressions of their child, and even, potentially, watch their baby yawn, wink and smile.

A HD Live ultrasound provides impeccable views of a baby by providing better depth perception. We can change the position of the light and more clearly see the baby’s lips, nose and eye lids. 

Many new parents seek reassurance by viewing and hearing their baby, and though these scans shouldn't replace those on your medical pathway, additional 3D and 4D HD Live scans allow you to see your baby in a way that you never thought possible.

Our 4D HD Live bonding scans include live video clips of your baby’s movements as well as beautiful 3D and 4D HD Live imaging which can be kept and treasured. We include showing the sex of the baby – but if you don’t want to know, things can be kept hidden.

When should I think about having a 4D scan?

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These are the periods at which a 4D scan is recommended:

Gestation Weeks (singleton)  22 - 34 Weeks

Gestation Weeks (multiple)  20 - 26 Weeks

Thanks to Preview Baby

By Catherine Hudson


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