Top baby names and their meanings inspired by Game of Thrones

Top baby names and their meanings inspired by Game of Thrones has just revealed the most popular baby girl and boys names inspired by HBO's Game of Thrones cast and characters.

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Last September, The National Office of Statistics released the official list of most popular boy and girl baby names for 2016. According to the trusty data, Olivia took the top spot for girls names while Oliver was crowned no.1 for boys. Although mostly traditional names dominate the charts in the UK, it seems that parents across the pond are opting for names that are a little more unusual.

From Frozen's Elsa to Dexter's Dexter, both films and TV shows prove a great source of inspiration for names (despite obvious reservations for the the latter), particularly HBO's Game of Thrones for American parents. The popular HBO show has created many famously quotable phrases, but fanatics have found a new way to honour their favourite fantasty drama.

From Khaleesi to Kit, we reveal's list of baby girls' and boys' names inspired by HBO's Game of Thrones cast and characters, and their meanings and origins.


Although mostly given to girls, Arya is a unisex name in the Hindu culture derriving from the Sanskrit meaning 'honourable and noble'. Perfectly apt for the character qualities of Arya Stark, a brave, care-free tomboy from a noble family who picks sword fighting over marrying a knight.    

A whopping 45,722 babies were named Arya or Aria in the US in 2016, that's a 6,000 increase on 2014.


Emilia is the Italian and Spanish form of Emily, which is taken from the Latin name Aemilia. Both name variations have existed since medieval times and featured in the works of Shakespeare, most notably in Othello where Emilia was the wife of Iago. The name has seen a surge in popularity for baby girls after the actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen, Emilia Clarke.

A total of 28,278 babies were named Emilia in 2016, which is 6,000 more than in 2014


Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin created a fictional language called Dothraki, which is spoken by the Dothraki nomadic inhabitants of the Dothraki Sea, including his character Daenerys Targaryon. Daenerys is often referred to by herself and others by the name Khaleesi. The name is taken from a title equivilent to 'queen', wife of a 'Khal', or ruler in the Dothraki tongue.  

Just under 1,500 babies were named Khaleesi in the US in 2016, which is a 1,500 increase since 2014.


Maisie is a Scottish name which is the pet form of Mairead, which in turn is the Scottish-Gaelic equivilent of Margret. Each of the names are ultimately come from the Hebrew word 'margaron' meaning 'pearl'. Margaret has multiple variations that have come into existence through the ages including, Maggie, Madge, Marge, Meg, Megan, Greta, Gretchen, Margot, Mae, Molly, Peggy, Peg and even Daisy. However, Maisie is the Gaelic nickname for 'this little pearl' and proves popular in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland today, as well as America.

Around 4,709 babies were called Maisie in 2016, which is a respectable 1,000 increase on 2014.


It seems that George R. R. Martin looked to the Hindi language many times for name inspiration for his female characters in Game of Thrones. Meera is also of Sanskrit origin and used predominately in Hindi speaking countries. The meaning of the name Meera is 'prosperous'. 

The popularity of the name Meera rose in 2016 as a total of 2,435 babies were given the name - a 500 increase on 2014.


By cleverly merging the Hebrew meaning for 'god is my judge' Daen, with Erys which is derived from the Greek 'Eris' meaning goddess of discourse and distruction, George R. R. Martin invented the name Daenerys which means 'god is judge of my destruction'.

A total of 358 babies were named Daenerys 2016, which is 250 more than 2014.


Breaking from tradition, George R. R. Martin chose the Irish name Shae for one of his female characters, which holds the meaning 'courteous' and 'full of majesty'. While it is technically a unisex name, Shae is commonly given to girls.

5,172 babies were named Shae in the US in 2016, 250 more than in 2014.


Tyrion is a variation of the name Tyrone, meaning 'one who is from the Land of Eoghan which is also known as County Tyrone in Ireland', and the name also has strong links to Irish mythology. Originally, George R. R. Martin saw the character of Tyrion as both the ugliest and most intelligent person in the world, but we'll ignore the former. 

The number of babies named Tyrion rose to 426 in 2016 which is also 250 more than in 2014.


Sansa is a girl's name which is also derrived from Sanskrit origin and means 'praise and charm'. Sansa is similar to the Latin name Sancia which means 'sacred'. It's clear that George R.R. Martin not only drew a lot of inspiration from the Hindi langauge for the names of his characters, but from history too. 69 girls were called Sansa in 2016, that's 100 more than in 2014.


The origin of the name Renly is American and means 'Created Name'. Although Renly isn't a major character in Game of Thrones, the name is popular amongst baby boys and can be shortened to the cute nickname, Ren. A total of 97 baby boys were named Renly in 2016, 100 more than in 2014.


A shorter form of the name Theodore, Theon also means 'God's gift' or 'godly' in Ancient Greek - very fitting for name of a prince. The French meaning, however, equates to 'untamed' which is more fitting to Prince Theon Greyjoy's unsavoury character, but that hasn't put many parents off. A total of 213 boys were named Theon on 2016, that's 100 more than in 2014.


Both the Greek and American meaning of Kit is taken from the term, 'carrier of Christ', in respect of the 'famous bearer St Christopher, patron saint of travellers, is believed to to have carried the Christ-child across a river.' In the English language, Kit is a nickname for Christopher.

A total of 2,745 babies were named Kit in 2016, that rose by 100 since 2014.


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