10 most popular baby girls names of 2017

10 most popular baby girls names of 2017

Following the release of the ONS top baby names for girls, we explain the meanings behind the UK's favourites. 

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If you tend to be indecisive, choosing a name for your baby may be the first hurdle of parenthood you'll face. With so many name choices available, it can be hard to decide which one is perfect.    

Whether you already know the sex of your baby, or you're waiting for a surprise, we've put together a list of the top 10 girls names from the ONS report.

Read on to find out the meanings behind the most popular baby girls names for 2017.


Olivia is the feminine form of the name Oliver, and is of Latin origin meaning "olive tree". The name is incredibly popular throughout Western countries from the US and Canada to Australia and the UK.

Olivia first became popular off the back of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and many famous actress share the name including Olivia Wilde and Olivia Coleman.


The name Amelia is a name of German origin meaning "work". The name poses as an alternative to Emily and Amanda and tops popular girl name charts in the UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand.


Isla is of Scottish origin meaning "island" which derived from "Islay" - an island off Scotland's west coast. Back in 2013 the name was voted the fourth most popular girl's name in Scotland, England and Wales, and has made a strong return, charting at number 3 the UK in 2017.  


The name Ava originates from Latin meaning "life", and rose in popularity after a number of celebs chose the name for their daughters including Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman. 

The name oozes retro Hollywood glamour after the American actress and singer, Ava Gardner.


Emily is of Latin origin meaning "rival". It's regarded as a classic name due to British female writer such as Emily Bronte and American poet Emily Dickinson. Modern Emilys are Emily Ratajkowski and Emily Blunt.


The name Isabella is of Hebrew, Spanish and Italian origin meaning "pledge to God". Isabella is regarded as a classic name popularised by pop culture references such as the lead character from the Twilight saga, Isabella 'Bella' Swan. 


Mia originates from Italy and Scandinavia meaning "mine; bitter". The name debuted the top 1000 baby girls names in 1964 following the fame of American actress and former model, Mia Farrow. 


Poppy originates from Latin after the "poppy flower". The name is particularly on-trend in the UK, ranking at number 13 in the most popular name given to baby girls in England and Wales in 2016, moving up to 7 in 2017.


The name Ella originates from Germany and England meaning "all, completely; fairy maiden". A number of celebs have named their daughters Ella such as George and Amal Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Ben Stiller and John Travolta.



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