Your baby is 34 weeks old

Your baby is 34 weeks old!

34 week old baby

You’ve probably noticed your baby’s amazing sense of humour. Just about any tickles or funny faces make him squeal with laughter and he’ll shower beaming smiles on to his favourite people (mum and dad). You may notice your 34 week old baby grabbing for his food this week as his dexterity improves and he starts to want to feed himself.

This is a natural step for him as he tries finger foods and then experiments using a spoon sometime after his first birthday. Try boiling broccoli or cauliflower trees and letting your baby hold the stem and eating the top off. As long as it is soft enough for your baby to gnaw into, especially if your baby has no teeth yet, your baby will enjoy it. Make sure you are there the whole time to supervise in case of choking.

Your baby this week

Most babies won’t master drinking from a cup until they are around a year old, but there is no harm in getting your baby used to the cup this week. It is bound to be a messy business at first with frequent dribbles and spillages happening. Make sure your floor and your baby’s clothes are prepared for this. It is best to use a trainer cup at first with a soft spout and handles that your baby can grip.

Try sitting in front of him and drinking from a beaker, then giving him the trainer cup to see if he mimics you. You can also stand behind him and put the cup to his mouth, which will feel more natural to you. It’s wise to offer water at first because it is easier to clean up if spilled and also your baby won’t get used to fruit juices, which may harm his teeth.

If you have no luck with a trainer cup, try a doidy cup, which is a slanted plastic cup with no lid. The slanted angle means your baby can take sips without the water spilling all over him. It also looks more like an, ‘adult’ cup so your independent baby may love drinking from something similar to mummy and daddy. 

You this week

Reading to your baby has come into its own now, as your 34 week old baby pays more attention to the story, may be able to point things out in a book and perhaps has a favourite book he likes you to read. Now is a great time to start a little book shelf for your baby with plenty of board books (great for chewing) and books with flaps that have animals etc hidden behind them. Many of the books you remember from your childhood are still firm favourites today. Books can be expensive so why not visit your local library and borrow books for your child.

This way you can have a fun outing with your baby and choose new books for him every week. Ask at your library whether they run children’s story-telling sessions for under fives – also a great place to meet new mums. 

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