Your baby is 49 weeks old

Your baby is 49 weeks old!


You are fast approaching your baby's first birthday. It’s hard to believe that a year ago you were heavily pregnant and full of nervous anticipation, excitement and fear at the prospect of having a baby. Chances are, these days you are a dab hand at motherhood and probably give your ‘Mummy’ friends with younger babies much needed advice. This month you may see your baby standing alone, attempting a first word and possibly even having a tantrum or two. You’ll also be celebrating his first birthday – an important moment for you, your partner and your baby. You’ve survived your first year of babyhood and we bet you’re hooked. Thinking about number two...?

Your baby this week

Your baby is not so slowly transforming from a baby to a toddler in front of your eyes! It wasn’t long ago that you were contemplating which first foods to give him, but now he’ll probably wolf down some birthday cake (better make sure it’s carrot cake!) You may have noticed that for some time, naps and bedtimes are becoming harder as your baby gets ready to drop from two naps to one. Don’t worry if your baby sleeps well, some babies don’t drop this nap until well into their second year. If your baby seems unsettled at nap time, irritable in the evening or reluctant to go to sleep because of his growing independence you may need to rethink how his naps are structured. Plenty of wind down time will do him good before a nap so he can focus on sleep and not on building a tower out of bricks! (Just imagine trying to sleep after you have opened your bank balance – that’s what your baby feels like having to nap in the middle of solving his latest puzzle), so read him a quiet story, listen to some soothing music and dim the lights. As hectic as all your lives are at the moment, try to stick to a familiar routine at bedtime so he recognises the signals that it is time for bed.

You this week

With your baby’s growing comprehension and language skills, this week it is time to help out by giving everything in his world a name. You may feel a bit silly talking away to him, but the more words he hears from you the more it will help him develop his grasp on language. In the supermarket point out different foods, and add in a few concepts, so in the freezer section say, ‘Brrrr isn’t it cold?’ or in the bread section say, ‘Mmmm, can you smell the bread baking?’ Point out colours and his favourite foods and also items he may be familiar with like milk. When you’ve finished say, ‘Now it’s time for mummy and William to get back into the car,’. All this will help with his speech and developmental understanding. 

Find out how your baby will progress at 50 weeks!


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