Your toddler is 25 months old

Your toddler is 25 months old!


Month 25

This month your toddler starts to get the hang of looking after her body. She can probably brush her hair (and yours), brush her teeth (although you will still need to go over them yourself) and wash her hands before teatime. Now is a good time to start thinking about manners, so set a good example by saying lots of please and thank-yous, be polite and don’t interrupt other family members at mealtimes.

Do praise your child if she shares her toys or shows friendliness to another child. Obviously at two it’s not the time to come down hard on your child over manners, but introducing concepts like being kind will help your child to be a more sociable little person. Look at our Recipe section for toddler mealtime tips.

You may have noticed you have an inquisitive child on your hands who regularly asks the dreaded word, ‘why?’. It is only natural for your child to start asking why things happen and the problem is when the answers are tricky, 'how do planes fly?' or 'where do babies come from?' spring to mind.  If the ‘whys’ just seem to keep coming, the best thing you can do is find an inner patience and answer the questions asked. What you don’t want to do is ignore her questions and curb her natural curiosity. The ‘why’ stage is just a stage and will lessen as your child starts to understand more about communication.

The terrible twos

There is a reason why parents have nicknamed it the terrible twos. You may have already witnessed a few mini temper tantrums, but from here on they become more frequent and probably more dramatic! There is no perfect way to deal with tantrums and it largely depends on your child and why the tantrum is happening. Of course the more patience you have the better, and counting to ten and taking a deep breath may help you from snapping at your toddler.

Activities with your toddler:

Your toddler will love all manner of activities by the time he is two. The activities needn’t be expensive and running from tree to tree in the park is just as fun as going to a soft play centre.

  • Swimming is a great way for you to stay fit and your toddler can have fun and get used to the water. Most pools run a mother and baby session, or a toddler session so your child doesn’t get splashed or scared by older children.
  • Baking a cake with Mum or Dad, especially if it is for someone special like Granny, will keep your child busy and swelling with pride when everybody tries his delicious cupcakes.
  • Collecting autumn leaves in the park or shells on the beach can provide your child with hours of fun – leaves can also make great prints with paints once your get home.
  • Drawing pictures (of dad), sealing them in envelopes, walking together to a post box and sending them off to Granny will encourage your child to think about the process of sending a letter and may also help him to understand about distance.
  • Lots of yoga centres have yoga for kid’s classes where you and your child can do some stretching together. Be prepared for your child putting you to shame as he is much more flexible than you!

Find out how your toddler will progress at 26 months old


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