Discover everything you need to know about pregnancy and your body for the next nine months – from eating and exercise to labour and birth and even what you should name your newborn! Use our age and stage timeline as your weekly guide to changes in your pregnancy body and your baby’s development.

warm-up-exercises-for-pregnancy-fitnessEating & Exercise

Warm-up exercises for pregnancy fitness

Preparing your body for any exercise routine is essential. Try this ten-minute warm-up
body-temperature-and-pregnancy-exerciseEating & Exercise

Body temperature and pregnancy exercise

It’s good to exercise safely when you are expecting, and not to get too hot. Fitness guru Vicky Warr explains...
iron-deficiency-in-pregnancyEating & Exercise

Iron deficiency in pregnancy

Feeding expert and registered nutritionist Sara Patience on supplements and good diet for iron intake when you're expecting
what-to-eat-when-you-re-pregnantEating & Exercise

What to eat when you’re pregnant

Essential food groups, what to avoid eating and simple dishes for a healthy diet when you’re expecting
12-essential-items-to-pack-in-your-newborn-baby-s-hospital-bagLabour and Birth

12 essential items to pack in your newborn baby's hospital bag

A handy checklist to help you prepare for baby's arrival
20-essential-items-to-pack-in-your-hospital-bag-for-birthLabour and Birth

20 essential items to pack in your hospital bag for birth

We get the lowdown from a midwife on what you really NEED in your hospital bag

Top Instagram mums talk pregnancy, birth and motherhood

We chat to Midwife and Author Clemmie Hooper (aka Mother of Daughters), Anna Whitehouse (aka Mother Pukka), Emma Scott-Child (aka Ladyland) and...
your-birth-squad-2Labour and Birth

The labour ward who's who when you give birth

From the midwife to your mum, here’s the lowdown on your birth squad 

Depression during pregnancy

Antenatal depression is quite common — you need to allow yourself to make mental and physical changes at this time.

5 amazing facts about your pregnant body

Your body isn't just making a new human – it's doing loads more amazing things (and some you'd rather it...

10 most popular baby boys names of 2017

Following the 2017 ONS baby names report, we reveal the meanings behind the top baby boy names that made the...

The 90s baby names making a comeback

We explain the meanings behind the 90s baby girl and baby boy names making a comeback.
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10 most popular baby girls names of 2017

Following the 2017 ONS baby names report, we reveal the meanings behind the most popular girls names that made the...

Tips for staying cool in the hot weather when you are pregnant

Try these tips to help you and your bump stay cool this summer.

10 best pregnancy apps

Pregnancy apps provide a fun way to document yours and your baby's growth over time. We've rounded up ten of...