Discover everything you need to know about pregnancy and your body for the next nine months – from eating and exercise to labour and birth and even what you should name your newborn! Use our age and stage timeline as your weekly guide to changes in your pregnancy body and your baby’s development.


What shall I name my baby?

Struggling to find the perfect name? Do you like classic or quirky names? Read our guide to baby names
happy-birth-daysLabour and Birth

How to have a happy birth day!

Have a calm and stress free birth, whether you're at home or at hospital
natural-pain-relief-in-labourLabour and Birth

Natural pain relief in labour

Do you plan to go for natural pain relief in labour? Our guide to managing pain relief
birth-preparing-yourself-for-the-unexpectedLabour and Birth

Preparing for labour: The unexpected

Most women have successful births and healthy babies, but it’s still worth preparing yourself for the unexpected.

Top tips for great pregnancy skin

Need some help with how to look after your pregnancy skin? Get some htips from beauty expert Helen Elldred

Five amazing things about your pregnant body

The female body is a wonder, but never more so than when you are having a baby
delivery-room-who-should-be-in-thereLabour and Birth

Delivery room: Who to let in

Who would you have in the delivery room when you give birth? One mum shares her choice
what-are-the-pregnancy-eating-rulesEating & Exercise

What are pregnancy eating rules?

Be sure of what you can and can't eat while pregnant with our expert nutritionist Emma Wight-Boycott

The benefits of ginger in pregnancy

Does ginger really help ease morning sickness? New research of 500 pregnant women says it really can make a difference

App to help with pregnancy back pain

New pregnancy app to help mums-to-be cope with back pain and offers helpful exercises to ease the pain

What's your weirdest pregnancy cravings?

What was your maddest craving during pregnancy? A new survey reveals some say the smell of tennis balls or soap!

How well did you sleep during pregnancy?

New research suggests 96% of women struggle to sleep in pregnancy

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10 most popular baby girls names of 2017

Following the 2017 ONS baby names report, we reveal the meanings behind the most popular girls names that made the...

Tips for staying cool in the hot weather when you are pregnant

Try these tips to help you and your bump stay cool this summer.

10 best pregnancy apps

Pregnancy apps provide a fun way to document yours and your baby's growth over time. We've rounded up ten of...