Win a Holding Hands 3D Casting Kit from Baby Casts & Prints

Win a Holding Hands 3D Casting Kit from Baby Casts & Prints

Cast your baby, toddler or family’s hands in the comfort of your own home with this amazing casting kit

baby hand and foot casting

Baby Casts & Prints, one of the UK’s premier casting companies are giving away one of their best-selling Holding Hands 3D Casting Kit to a lucky winner.

The kit is sold on Amazon and contains all you need to create amazing holding hands casts in any combination. It’s the perfect gift for family and friends, easy to use and comes with full instructions.

One review in particular says: “Although we believed it wouldn't work when we saw the mound, it came out beautifully in the end, the hands are 3 generations, me, my mother and my grandmother. A lovely memory and keepsake.”

The kit contains alginate moulding powder, plaster of paris and a set of casting tools including paint brush, wooden pick, PVA glue and latex-free gloves.

The alginate moulding powder changes colour when setting so it’s really simple to use. To allow more time for the mould to set, just use really cold water (warm water sets faster).

It’s a 3 step process:

  1. Making the mould of your hands using Chromatic Alginate,
  2. Pouring the Plaster of Paris into the mould to create the cast
  3. Revealing & finishing your new Cast - this is the exciting bit!

Baby Casts & Prints have a studio in Oldham, Manchester, and offer appointments for those wanting to get a cast professionally done, as well as offering home-made kits for sale.

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